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New Kids On The Blog

Hello there 😀

This should be my yada yada yada for my new blog. But I think I’m not good at it. So, I’ll try my best and here we go.

Why dua januari? This blog even not created at that date? Well, actually that’s my birthday. And I don’t know, dua januari sounds poetic in my ear, and think I’m lovin it. So here’s my new what so-called “bloglife”

Rebrand? Don’t think so, but whatever I said some of you may not believe me. So you can call this rebrand. Whatever… But here’s my reason why I changed my “brand”. My #masalalu said:

kamu sudah bukan bocah, dan terlalu serius untuk dibilang miring.

That kind of make me… Oh, OK… So, I decided to move on.

Well, hello dua januari 😀

p.s. : for all pedantic and spelling bastards out there, yeah I know my english kinda amburadul! Terus kenapa ditulis pake basa enggres? Sebelume sudah ditulis pake bahasa Indonesia sih, cuma kok keliatane terlalu mendayu-dayu dan menye-menye. Jadilah pake enggres amburadul.